Establishes close relationships with agencies, organizations and companies in the territory, families, community, and other universities. There are various types of vocational educational centres. Manifests a high integration among teaching, production and research. There is a great similarity between a University and a company, since both educate and produce at the same time. Teaches in the company is producing and the University produces teaching. There are various technical branches: industry branch, agricultural branch and branch economy. Added Ortiz, to the conception of marketing in the technical training and University professional is the so-called marketing PEDAGOGICAL professional, which is the process that is carried out by the University, aimed at the satisfaction of needs, both educational and productive individuals and organizations for the creation and the voluntary and emulativo exchange of products and services of social utilities. Individuals to whom the University meets their needs are students, teachers, parents, relatives and neighbors.

Organizations can be educational, productive, or non-governmental. A significant aspect that differentiates at the Technical University of other educational institutions, refers to the fact that the services provided can be educational or not; or University pays in addition to educational services, productive services indicates Ortiz, that the quality of the educational service is fundamental to please, win and bind the customer, i.e., to the student, teacher, Vice-Chancellor, etc. (internal clients). The quality of the education or productive service takes place in the classroom, in the workshop, at the University, in the company, in the center that offers business, anyway, in the professional pedagogical process; Therefore, instructor, family and the community are also customers for College, for those who offer the service (external clients). An excellent educational or productive service is the basis of an excellent professional teaching marketing. The strategy of educational quality is directly related with the professional pedagogical strategic marketing to define the level of excellence expected for each of the products manufactured and services rendered. For the customer, a quality product does not necessarily mean a luxury product, but simply a product that satisfies you, i.e. which responds to the demand and expectations of a target group of customers. In conclusion, it cannot be ignored that the education is a service and that can support in the marketing that’s know you manage It will generate positive results to those who demand it and since then the environment, entities where the service applies.