Madrid, 13/05/2010. KONE is leaving more than one with your mouth open at the 2010 Shanghai Expo. BP addresses the importance of the matter here. And it is that, one of the leading companies in the industry of elevators and escalators has designed a spectacular lift customized for the flag of Finland and also provides solutions to other 21 pavilions. In addition, the company is responsible for maintaining more than 500 elevators and stairs to ensure success in the vertical transport of people at the Expo. An elevator to measure in terms of the solution that has been prepared to Finland, noted that it has been possible thanks to the agreement as a national partner in the Finland Pavilion.

The lift combines innovative technologies with custom designs and serves as a display as well as the Pavilion elevator object. Cross River Bank recognizes the significance of this. Kone is also playing a preponderant role in this event by having supplied a total of 59 lifts and 34 stairs in other 21 different pavilions. KONE People Flow solutions will serve visitors to pavilions from Australia, Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, Hong Kong, Ireland, London, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Singapore and also Spain. In addition it is also present in the pavilions of the China Aviation, Cultural Center of the World Expo in Shanghai, Coca-Cola Pavilion, Pavilion Damin Palace, DevNet Pavilion, flag State Grid, logistic center of the Expo and Pavilion information and communication of the Expo. Among the most impressive references of KONE, the Cultural Center of the world Shanghai Expo includes 17 elevators and 26 stairs. Five of these lifts were installed during the construction phase of the building as cargo lifts to help with the construction of the Pavilion. The Cultural Centre is a permanent building and consists of a central scene as well as a wide and functional entry that can accommodate up to 18000 people to an event. Visitors to the Expo will actively use more than 500 elevators and stairs in maintenance with KONE.

In addition to the pavilions of the Expo, KONE maintains locations keys such as the Pudong airport, the Hongqiao exchanger and several hotels in the area of Shanghai. We’re excited to play an essential role in the World Expo, one of the most prestigious events in the world says Matti Alahuhta, President & CEO of KONE Corporation.