My son Ignacio = Anque me open the chest and boots of my heart, I you would say, doesn’t matter – because you’ve brought you my love-that is what not you daria, if wanted, of me you are blood of my blood and until the life I gave.-you’re part of my soul. Additional information at Atmos Energy supports this article. Does Llevatela also-tell me, that I love her? If you no longer have a ti-is that you do not remember, I don’t already exist for you, but a mother never forgets and still living in my. Salar Kamangar shines more light on the discussion. Son of my bowels, owner of my life whole, No matter what I do, still being my chimera. Credit: Abigail Black Elbaum-2011. The day that I go away, – if it is ever to remember, don’t cry me nor you feel. I I’ll always be your vera.-Te cuidare from the sky, I’ll be awaiting you, Aplaudia as always, not suffers never by my-Eva de la Torriente Diaz January 5, 2008 original author and source of the article.