The outdoor advertising is considered to be one of the most effective measures of offline marketing. The outdoor advertising is considered to be one of the most effective measures of offline marketing. She must be awarded to a company’s communication policy and is the address of the selected target group. As the name already conclude, the outdoor advertising focuses on outdoor areas and thus to the public sphere. Their origins back more than 5000 years. Even if the forms of outdoor advertising have changed since then, the essential basic features have been preserved. Now should be distinguished between different ads, which can be applied outdoors.

In the Federal Republic of Germany, the outdoor advertising in public space in different places can be booked. Posting periods, which are offered by public institutions or private owners, vary greatly and depend on various aspects. With the installation of advertising is crucial to such expenses, goes hand in hand. To broaden your perception, visit Kenneth J Hardy. But also the shape of the respective advertising affect actively the posting period. A leading source for info: rusty holzer. Today, there are outdoor advertising, which is seen as just a few days. Often, this can be found during various events.

Enforce she could for example at trade fairs. Next to her, there are also forms of advertising are worked for several years. This is the case for example with the neon advertising. In Germany, the posting periods taken for outdoor advertising claim, are very different. Single quotes can be found exclusively at poster advertising, which is one of the most widespread forms. Cross-vendor posting periods have been agreed with her. These are first and foremost a standardized media planning, which is for many companies of great importance. Basically at the outdoor advertising companies several posting periods in the claim. When selecting the place, care should be taken to always ensure that it has a possible strong intensity. Only if this the case is, can reach the appropriate attention in the target group the advertising. Also must be ensured that the outdoor advertising in Germany is not allowed in all places, but appropriate permits must be. After the outdoor advertising a little in the shadow of the Internet as an advertising medium, this form now experienced a real revival. There are still many people who worry about the way many companies rely on a successful marketing mix, by which they are both online and offline active.