Children – tireless researchers around the world. This feature is built into them from birth. The problem of adults – develop and consolidate the cognitive and emotional attitude towards the world, including, for nature. Necessary to educate a child the ability to understand the nature as it really is, with all natural, so simple and at the same time in the great harmony of its properties. Need to be taught child to analyze and summarize what they see. At the first opportunity, at any time of year, go to the child in the woods to the river, the park, go down into ravines, climb to the tops of hills to see the clouds, the sun's rays. When go into the woods, take a small treat for wild animals, maybe you are lucky to see a mouse or squirrel agile, to admire the work of a woodpecker. The joy of the living beast will long be remembered children will awaken in them a desire to know more, there will be good feelings for nature.

You can wake up in the morning, watch out the window with the child in order for the weather today. If the window is shining bright sun, we can offer go for a walk. And if the sky is overcast and drizzling rain, promising much joy ride in rubber boots and an umbrella in the puddles! And how interesting to see the child outside the first snow, white and clean. In each season, in Each of his twelve-month period has its own charm, its own joy. Children often do not have the patience to observe nature every day.

And for this purpose was invented and developed educational game "Weather", which can be priobesti in our online store educational toys 'Smart crumb'. With this game, your child will become a little magician who can create all kinds of weather: the one that sees through the window, the weather, which will be the birthday of the fall, spring. The aim of this game – to arouse interest of the child to the world. With the game itself will be able to simulate a child weather: rain or snow, wind or clouds, will in a playful way to get answers to questions such as why is rain, what it consists of a cloud, what is lightning, thunder and why the wind blows, as there is dew. Together with the baby try to predict the weather, which will assume tomorrow. Assignments will require the game from the child the attention and observation. He learns keen eye for natural phenomena and to draw conclusions from what he sees around him. The package includes game pictures, cards, figurines of children, puzzles. Can offer your child choose appropriate clothes for the weather to unravel mysteries about the features of natural phenomena (the seasons, wind, water, hail, thunder, ice, frost, lightning, frost, rainbow, mist, icicle, etc.). All of this contributes to the development of imagination, thought and uptake.