Well”is the overall rating of patients to hospitals in Germany. Hamburg, August 6, 2010 was detected this result by Auskunft.de in collaboration with Medmonitor.de. Free local search Auskunft.de shows, where is the nearest hospital in the area and with which hospitals, patients are very satisfied. Overall, Auskunft.de analyzed 8,500 patient reviews collected by Medmonitor.de hospitals in whole Germany. While most clinics received mostly high marks from patients; almost every second evaluation was positive.

It is striking that there are renowned hospitals not only in major cities. The people in Berlin, Hamburg or Munich have the largest selection of clinics, outside these urban centers but also very good facilities for patients. This shows the hospital patients are very popular in the town of Tirschenreuth located almost 140 km from Nuremberg. Continue to convince also clinics in small towns like Coswig in Dresden or lion’s arch at Heilbronn. Despite many good examples, we found some hospitals, patients were not satisfied with. Therefore, we recommend that prior to a planned stay carefully the respective Hospital to inform”, so Auskunft.de’s founder Daniel Grozinger.

Reviews of patients are useful to get a first impression to a clinic. Together with Medmonitor.de we now offer these reviews at Auskunft.de. Users can find the appropriate clinic faster”, Grozinger next. Auskunft.de displays reviews from patients for over 1,600 clinics. In addition, users can read about reviews to nearly 40,000 doctors from all over Germany. Auskunft.de’s service is free of charge. Auskunft.de Auskunft.de is operated by Auskunft.de informations GmbH. Founder and Managing Director are the serial entrepreneur Daniel Grozinger (37) and Sven Schmidt (35). which among other things getgo.de (sold in CTS Eventim AG) and verwandt.de (sold to MyHeritage) founded. With your subsidiary ICS are the two entrepreneurs in companies such as the Color flood Entertainment GmbH is involved. Press contact Fabian Schaaf, Director business development Auskunft.