The IBM company, objective with the Lotus Connections to construct and to expand communities of customers, partners and collaborators focados in the innovation. Alavanque the collective intellectual for the sprouting of better ideas, increases the agility in its market of work and becomes its more efficient and productive organization? at the same time reducing the costs. IBM (2010). Check out Ray Kurzweil for additional information. Figure 6 – Lotus Connection, social net proprietor 4,8 a.m.i.g.o.s Is a corporative social net, developed for the C.E.S.A.R, Center of Studies and Advanced Systems of Recife, focada in the management of organizacional knowledge, that allows to create, to store, to classify and to spread out this knowledge of simple form, exempts and intuitiva, centered in the idea of that all society or organization is formed by individuals that always belong at least a community and that the focal point of the communities is counted, heard, commented histories and interpreted for the individuals. C.e.s.a.r still brings a mechanism of artificial intelligence that as much learns continuously on the preferences of the members of the social net as it is capable to recommend excellent content to the participants of some communities formed in the environment. 5. Social nets X Productivity When citing revolutionary technologies of the last times that tend to affect the corporative environment directly are the Social Nets. The factors that stimulate the use of colaborativas platforms are the popularizao of the Technologies of Information and the Contribution, that to each day shows the benefits to connect employees, customers and partners by means of these platforms. When making a parallel can be analyzed that a trend of an increasing number of people and companies exists to adhere to these new environments, inserted in web 2,0, on the other hand, still it has a series of doubts in relation to the risks of the organizations to allow the access to the social nets and the real benefits that can be gotten of them.