Such we can to refer you human beings and to their interpersonal relationships. Key words: interpersonal relationships, human being, educator and student. Introduction> Ahead of the complexity of the social relations, in a world where what it matters many times are to have and it not to be, one creates difficult barriers to be tranferred for the human being in the construction of a better, more human being and less conflituosa society. We are born, we grow and we die compromissados ones with the others.

We need the interaction to search our accomplishments personal, what it also finishes influencing the other in such a way of positive form how much of negative form, therefore we are social beings. The quandaries and paradigms of the current society, involving human behavior, vehicles of communication, ethics and technology are boarded in this article of form to reflect on the necessity to use to advantage with wisdom the resources offered for the world, mainly in the technological questions, to keep our relations social healthful and worthy to be lived. At as a moment, this work approaches the relations and the learning interpersonal. For if dealing with a subject that will not be depleted with this reflection, article analyzes on the urgency, each bigger time, of a change in the look on the educational process. The principal actors: professor and pupil, together in a relation based on ethical, moral values and over all responsible, allow in them to believe a better world. This look differentiated in the based educational process in the diversity, but over all in the proximity pupil/professor, creates a dynamic action and communicative capable to construct a society of the knowledge that has taken in consideration the human being as it is: he exempts and capable. The human being Leaving of the idea of that we are social beings and that we need the conviviality with other people to construct our identity, as well as interacting with the world to ours, is observed that this exercise, of sociability is much more dynamic and complex of what is thought.