In Cuba, my gratitude and solidarity, he said. Emotional moment of the Special Summit of ALBA was listening to Evo, President of Bolivia, who came to this event after winning a war in his country, for his people. Although the occasion was propitious to recall the days when he was to strike and to denounce the assassination attempts against his person, devoted most of his speech to talk about the great challenges that lie ahead for the member countries of ALBA, which do not can afford the enemies of revolution and our people to endanger the construction of a different society, rather that worry and deal with the great majority excluded for years. Drawing on what happened in Bolivia, Evo proposed the creation of Human Rights Council to denounce such actions ALBA and defend. Another of his proposals was linked to Cuba.

With the humility that characterizes him, he asked permission to give a kind reading of the Declaration of the Friends of the Island to participate in the Summit of the Americas, which require the immediate lifting of the blockade imposed by successive U.S. administrations. If Obama said, wants to have the support of everyone, as does Cuba, has to respect the UN resolutions, have to lift the blockade. It also mentions the statements of Fernando Lugo, president of Paraguay, l special guests of the Summit, who said that in America we are in a new era, ESOMAR genuine authors of our destiny and no country in the world we can judge . We believe in the integracionu. The fact that the first day of the Special Summit of ALBA, which was last held in the Museum of Contemporary Art, Cumana, adds confirmed, first, that only unity among our people making further progress in building the great country that Bolivar dreamed of, and second, Cuba has not only with the support and solidarity of the member countries of the mechanism of integration, but also the vast majority of nations in the world.