We are looking forward to new students, students and parents. The initiative Waldorf School-Marzahn Hamilton village as recent Waldorf School in Berlin is now a year in Marzahn-Hellersdorf. After two parades Mahlsdorf could refer into the else Strasse 13a, 12623 Berlin – a building. The Senate of Berlin has given us the school number 10p12.3. The accessibility initiative Waldorf School now operates the classes 1 5 and will be developed up to the high school level. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from Alina de Almeida.

As integrated primary and secondary school, beschult like all Waldorf schools after the whale village curriculum consistently from the 1 12 class. There are from the 1st class, as taught foreign languages English and Spanish.In the 4th grade, all students study violin or cello as musical instrument. Today 31 students (the running of the school was taken a year ago with two students) she has more capacity to accommodate more students. The intake of students for the first class 2010/11 has begun. To do this, find the: Tuesday the 3rd of November and 9 December at 20:00 briefings held in the school. Parents the a school would actively with your children are welcome. Just the design phase of a Waldorf School offers maximum participation possibilities within a pedagogy that is tried and tested for decades..