In line with previous articles published in this forum, that it seems that all we have become a bit crazy, because we do more than question us things that are obvious, can with this brief survey to again emerge them doubt if we are talking about seriously or not. And it is that it seems that certain customers who attend consultancies like this to ask for advice before the call for assistance or a contest to write the proposal to be submitted in the same, they do not know or anyone explains them clearly technical bid is yours, it is the tenderer which is submitted to the competition with a proposal that has won the approval of the administration. Moreover, sometimes under convoluted, untenable arguments, it seems that consultants seek to hijack a proposal which, we reiterate, it is only by the tenderer that is presented to the competition with the intention of achieving the long-awaited license in game radio or television-. But he made that bid is the winning bidder, it does not disappear the figure of the Advisor, Figure is said to that will it be essential even though playing a secondary role, since in its work it must always be subject to the instructions of the client which comes with more or less default ideas that want to keep if you have already a station antenna – or boost, otherwise. Therefore, the main actor protagonist and Executive – is the own tenderer.

With the intervention of both is has a team. Think of the simile of a canoe consisting of two members. Back our customer-that directs and promotes the offer with ideas proposed and which have become, therefore, reflected in bid and striker, – the adviser or advisers because they may be several depending on object of valuation-materials, which trafficked using reasoned advice – offer towards one side or the other to get the best possible result and be able to fight for the license.