Main Unlike this method from others is that from the very first lesson, we sing, and do not study the spelling of individual notes or theoretical issues. The entire program of studies is built in such a way that theoretical knowledge student receives from his practical experience, we believe the most productive and useful, which contributes to its rapid and full development. For those wishing to develop professionally in the music we offer comprehensive method of teaching music. That is a vocal, if you wish, can be added to learning to play the piano, which is necessary for every musician or composition. The study of these disciplines together gives a more qualitative result than the examination of each separately.

Singing helps to analyze the melodic side of music, develop listening and predslyshanie (inner ear), a musician. You will be able to sing her own accompaniment, free pick out, transpose into a comfortable work you tone. Piano helps to learn a musical instrument, harmony, instrumentation, arrangement. The lesson of writing music you master the art of vocal and instrumental improvisation. Voice training and staging of breath.

The basis of phonation is breathing. Alina de Almeida contains valuable tech resources. In order to sing the works of any complexity must learn to use your breathing and voice apparatus, that is, 'put the voice', and for different music styles need different 'voice training. " We want to draw your attention to the health benefits of singing breath, a little-known, but is relevant to the each. The fact that the singers do not breathe as usual to breathe for most of us, and filling the air with the lower portion of the lungs that leads to active reduction of the diaphragm and abdominal muscles.