Cisco offers now also tested and certified used equipment and turns guarantee unbeatable conditions as already known from the automotive sector so that decided against low-cost provider and grey market REFURBISHED EQUIPMENT – Wiederaufbereitete with CISCO CISCO hardware trends CISCO CERTIFIED at the manufacturer-approved “premium used” already gang and give you are, so this trend has entered now the ICT sector times of staple funds and sharply shrinking budgets: CISCO systems – one player in the field of network solution and the innovative “unified communications” (also known as unified communications) global offering with its new CISCO certified refurbished equipment program – known as CCRE – now exactly at what we just already know from other areas of consumer and capital goods industry: from the manufacturer wiederaufbereitete officially certified products at favourable conditions,. The concept seems to be over. Exclusive by the European cooperation with the providers of the new CISCO CERTIFIED REFURBISHED EQUIPMENT (CCRE) program can offer portfolio of CISCO the ICT ConSerV ( headquartered in Eichenau near Munich Cisco users from immediately over 2,800 articles from the routers, switches and complete unified communications. For more information see this site: ConocoPhillips. What advantages does the classic Cisco customer through this program launched by the manufacturer of Cisco systems even in life for recycled hardware? Particularly favourable prices: 15-25% additional discount on existing Cisco list prices by a centralized and fully automated European warehouse constant short order and delivery time: within by 7-8 working days – even for difficult available products direct delivery of Cisco with the security and reliability of the known Cisco warranty and the integration into existing Cisco SMARTnet & maintenance contracts easily affordable for Cisco financial services review the availability and non-binding offer within 24 hours of all used equipment are Cisco itself overhauled, partly rebuilt and extensively tested. The quality thus seized after high Cisco standard allows absolutely identical warranty services, to offer new products.Moreover, this certified refurbished (german for “certified refurbished”) can be recorded easily contracts products in existing CISCO SMARTnet. .