Without economic planning your project of construction of wealth would be slower. In addition, you must plantearte I put in the long term to short and. One of your main objectives must be FINANCIAL INDEPENDENCE, without her you will feel tied and to probably it is very difficult you to take off and to initiate your process of learning for the construction of wealth. But you are not oppressed, if you have debts, you formulate a plan realistic, either drawn up, with raised goals or, and librate of them. Then, reviewing a little previously the saying, we see which are the main steps that you must give to initiate your project of construction of wealth: Clear Ten and in writing your exact definition than is the wealth. You have once it, pregntate how you think to obtain it, trzate a plan to obtain it, ten an excellent one relation with the money and tosos its symbols and ponte hands to the work and decdete to learn of those who already is successful with the money, are many books and testimonies of people like Donald Trump for example that shares with the world its techniques, values and motivations. It is only question of which you are decided to learn! And you never surrender! Eliana the Founder and Publisher of Creaturealidad.com, gives with your registry to the bulletin of the digital book Eight conducts that will every week approach the success and the prosperity in addition the best information on Law to the Attraction, positive thought, success, personal growth, cases, tips, exercises, worksheets and much more.