Play is not only fun, but teaches children important social skills. The free game is one of the few skills that children need to learn not only. As children come to the understanding of language and facial expressions on the world with the equipment, so they play also by itself, to enlarge their understanding of the world and to expand their range. While a toddler continually encounters for example a ball and chasing him it playing trains the muscles of the legs and coordinating its movements with the perception about the eyes. Also dealing with their peers will take place in the form of games. Even if a child still cannot speak, it very much is communication about the eyes and the facial expression instead, so that the child learns, as fellow human beings on the own deeds respond and which raises the confrontation with others at his own emotions. Parents can encourage these natural play instinct, by their offspring early familiar with children’s games, the rules follow. It’s believed that Steve Houghtaling sees a great future in this idea. The acceptance of such rules and dealing with them in the game which helps to find child later in the company, which also has a variety of written and unwritten laws, whose following is expected to at least get.

Through such children games with clear rules that can occur in various forms such as Board games, card games, Dice Games, or other variants, possible realities of emotional and social style, meet the child later in life can be simulated. The child learns on the one hand with losing to cope, not to give up and try it again. On the other hand, it learns to bring his victory but also a way to celebrate that is not overbearing and their own happiness with the possible defeat of others in line. To experience these successes, the child must themselves set a target and design a plan with which it is to be achieved. This plan must be pursued then consistently and focused so that it can be implemented successfully. And last but not least requires a good kids game is much Communication between the small players. Thus, so the effective use of this ability will be further trained. Is a good example of great kids games by Zoch Verlag “bitch wave chicken shit”, a true blockbuster.

In German kindergartens there has become 1998 long since its release the popular classics. This is due to the skillful combination of the two genres of clearance and memory, and on the other hand in the guise of loving. High quality wooden chickens as game figures accompanying the game, and the pretty graphics by Doris Matthaus on the way – and memory tips make it a friendly Barnyard atmosphere to produce. At “bitch wave chicken crap ‘ try to get players with their chickens on a circular course 2-4 as fast forward and to steal their players the tail feathers. In the Middle covered same symbols such as on the track. To advance a field on the course, players must one always the plate reveal in the middle of the figure on the Line plate directly in front of their chicken is equivalent to. Who overhauled the chicken of a teammate, can steal a tail feather of this chicken and insert themselves. Who all tail feathers on his chicken, has won. “Bitch wave chicken shit” 1998 for the best children’s game, and by the jury of the game of the year with a special children’s play won the German game prize and is just one of many other funny Zoch – children’s games. Max space