Often we treat our friend iron, as something never breaks down and the self-a-moving means. And he is strangely requires attention and regular maintenance. One careless (or perhaps just busy), the owner of 2-3 years operation of the vehicle noticed that his car as he stubborn donkey, sometimes stopping for no apparent reason and then by no means does not want to go further. And so it begins repeated regularly, it breaks down first, then second then third. Attempts to master that – then tweak it, adjust usually does not end there.

Finally he decided to show a car technician. Diagnostics wizard begins long walks around the car, examining it from the pit again, walks around the car The owner does not stand up and asked what was the same all the same with his car? At the master rubbing his hands with a cloth replies: "You know, if it was horse, I would advise her to shoot ' Duck let's not bring our iron friend to this state. Yes, and expensive you know We have puzzles to nothing! And while you know expensive! We will try to sort out and understand what is sometimes (Sometimes aggressively) trying to tell us the machine to its inappropriate behavior. A rare failure occurs suddenly, immediately. Symptoms of most of them appear gradually, and can avoid major trouble if learn to listen and feel the car going to ride (hold diagnostics) Please note who admits as a car engine, anyone with a 'half-turn', and other long plagued by engine starter before there is hope at last to move.