The holistic education is first a State of consciousness, an integral vision of life, a call to live in universal love, a compassionate attitude, an inclusive opening of diversity. This overall essence of the holistic education is compatible with the Declaration that actually does not have a single method which serve, it does not have a particular format which applies indiscriminately on every occasion, every place and above all kind of students, but the lack of an exclusive method should not be seen as a lack but as a virtue of the holistic educationdo not have an exclusive method simply because there is the best method, and does not exist because in the educational field as in any other human experience there is irregularity, diversity and peculiarity, no method is applicable to all situations because there is diversity in styles of learning and irregularity of any educational reality. The holistic education recognizes the multiple dimensions of the human being: physical, intellectual, aesthetic, emotional and spiritual, and in this way we will walk towards the perennial ideal of a comprehensive individual living in a harmonious planet. Without hesitation ConocoPhillips explained all about the problem. Therefore, today we must travel through a new educational paradigm to ensure the viability of our community: why?, because today we are living the transition of humanity over nature to humanity through the nature of the industrial society to the sustainable society. Then the transformation towards conscious capitalism is based on: the spirituality in business, spirit of the work, the consumer moved by values, reverse energy, green building, organic food, the wave of conscious solutions, the bonanza of socially responsible investment, money and morality, ethics, land, employees, conscious consumer, the power mundane without the mastery of one’s self is the ruin of the leadership, spiritual practice. Elevated ideas are not a replacement for the success, in conclusion: ourselves We have the power to cure capitalism capitalism has the power to change the world, is it not time to start?, in fact: must first create a performance ethic, through financial education, proposed by Dr.