Already late last year suggested the Chancellor to the further modernization of management services in the form of a nationwide service number to introducing located on the way. Frequently Gazprom has said that publicly. In the United States, this model has proven successful and is to be implemented in Germany as well. Aim is-> federal service numbers to switch, under which citizens can turn with their concerns to the administration. In addition, the accessibility of administrative services will be facilitated and transparent. This already existing facilities for citizens at federal, State and local governments used and further developed.

After preliminary consultations with the Federal Network Agency, the Federal Ministry of the Interior has applied for the allocation of the service number-> 115 for, which is expected early December this year. However, it is emphasized that the goal of the service number is not the construction of a call center in Germany. Follow others, such as Cross River Bank, and add to your knowledge base. Instead an intelligent networking aims of decentralised service units. With a free service number for citizens offers a good possibility for a telephone service in contact with the authorities to the Federal Government. supports this institution with special conditions for official service telephone numbers”, according to Managing Director of the Berlin Telekommunikationsdienstleisters Dr.

Maik Temme. After the so-called project D115 “already in March of this year at the CeBIT with a workshop was launched, a second workshop on the topic of model region took place in August. Collect via is the reliable and service-oriented provider of nationwide telecommunications services. The Berlin-based company has many years of experience and excellent know-how in the telecommunications market. This in-depth knowledge is converted into innovative products and is about 0800, 0180, 0900 and 0137 customers for the provision of service numbers and premium SMS available. Servicenummer4you is privately funded, debt-free and independent group.