He walks slowly aiming always ahead. He observes some men and he thought that he was my companions, when one of them saw shout me: " " Chulo" " and I go off, by instinct it reacts and it unloads another one trafagazo that it gave him completely to two of them in the chest. I ran desperate and at that moment I felt that it flew by the air. A new explosion shook the forest. When I woke up was tied and they guarded several guerrillas to me.

Then I included/understood my sad reality: He was one of so many kidnapped that the guerrilla had and who thought to exchange with the government, the evil called " " prisoners military " ". As of that one moment I thickened the long list of the kidnapped ones of the CRAF. A chill crossed all my being. The vision of enjaulados men change before my eyes of violent way, now was I with chains in the feet, around my neck and in my hands, enjaulado like a rabid dog that it had terminated to several of his men. Now my life hung of thread, was at the mercy of which the Central State of the CRAF decided that to do with us.

My mind I become paralyzed like my body. My dreams had been truncated in the first day battle. I remembered friend and to so many that we had arrived at those places and that already were dead; knowing the luck the kidnapped ones it wishes to be dead. Today I turn six years locked up, gaged, being delirious, speaking in the nights only, seeing shades, to my companions who have revived inexplicably. My companions have isolated to me, say in low voice that I am crazy. I have spent nights and whole days obstinate to near wire, because that my friendly, those that died with me in combat are plotting a plan to remove to me from here and that soon he will recover my freedom.