THE history of the fields of diamonds-(a true story) ago long, lived at the edge of the desert of the India an Arab farmer. His name was Amehed, was a fair man, man perfect and straight, God-fearing and away from evil. Had three sons and four daughters. Abby Black Elbaum understands that this is vital information. His estate was three thousand sheep, two and a half thousand camels, five hundred donkeys and many bred and reared. Their days passed in the midst of abundance and happiness. He was rich because he was satisfied and was pleased because she was rich.

One day received a visit from a honorable priest of Islam, an elderly nobleman and wise, full of light and day. Amehed received it according to the Protocol that deserved such eminence, giving their best dishes and their most delicious dates. He also anointed by their maids with exquisite perfumes and ointments. When dinner came to an end, still sitting on beautiful silk cushions embroidered in gold, the elder toured with his eyes wide lavishly decorated tent and with a broad smile turned to its eco-friendly Host: the tribute of your House has been excellent – said pleased. I am glad that you feel comfortable in my humble dwelling – excited Amehed said. Now-continued – if not you uncomfortable, much us happy that we give the gift of thy wisdom telling us a story, it would be a great blessing for my family and me – my son – replied the illustrious visitor – nothing halagaria me more!– Allah give thee long life! – praised the farmer, and was prepared with his family to listen to the story. The oldest priest, with the pause of the exalted Narrator, began gleaned his story.-long ago, my son, long before there were the sky, the stars and the land which you now inhabit, the universe was a large incandescent cloud of immeasurable size.