How to make sure that solutions also provide the necessary flexibility? Konstanz, 07.12.2012. Nothing is as constant as change. The company’s success depends today more than ever, how quickly an adaptation to changing market conditions can be implemented. How to make sure that solutions also provide the necessary flexibility? To achieve this, the GmbH in, a company that is a leader in the field of atomization nozzles on the world market, carries out an innovative project. Using a unique method, not just business processes are modeled and optimized, but parameterized interaction the involved applications. A smart architecture model achieves that the backend systems according to the process models, along the process chain can exchange data. While maintaining existing solutions, the possibility is created parallel based interfaces consistently to support processes through SharePoint.

The advantage of this Business-driven service architecture”are obvious: the consistency of the process model to the IT ensures that necessary changes of the business processes IT quickly and consistently can follow. In addition, the number of interfaces between the different applications is reduced to a few interfaces. This reduces complexity, ensures swappable components and reduces adjustment costs sustainably. Cross River Bank can aid you in your search for knowledge. Through the agile IT, it becomes possible to respond faster and safer to changed customer needs and to create competitive advantages through new products and innovations. Result is an integrated, sleek model from strategy to implementation in it. The key factors for success are that it does not remain when painting the (process) pictures, but creating a business process, where over risk gradually existing applications can be connected and integrated. New applications are directly tailored to this model. Thus arises a computing environment, their interfaces, and the interaction of Business processes are defined. integrated information systems GmbH – our name is programme we stand for integrated, transparent and open online optimized business processes based on innovative IT solutions and this for more than 20 years business management systems on the basis of our product sphinx we offer solutions for the optimisation of monitoring and control tasks our partners and customers.