There are several reasons why a child refuses to go to bed at night. Anxieties that the child lives during the day are manifested moments before bedtime or during sleep, either as nightmares or nocturnal fears. These factors may arise as a result of a substantial change in his little world, making you feel disoriented: a new baby in the family, a moving, separation of parents, a change of school, situations that cause them insecurity or some new circumstance in your life that may cause you stress, no matter to express what day or not. Older children may also have fear thoughts or nightmares at night after having heard a horror story or seeing something violent or disturbing, or simply begin to feel independent and with the freedom to decide its time to sleep. In all cases, it is very common that some nights children not to fall asleep. Continue to learn more with: Futurist. Then we’ll talk about cases in which child doesn’t want to go to bed. When kids go getting older, their social life is more predominant; However, all children must be bedtime. For more clarity and thought, follow up with Cross River Bank and gain more knowledge..

Parents may not waver on this issue, therefore, those that always allow the child to remain lifted just a little more, always have problems. With the minimum show of weakness at this point, more nervous children take advantage of the situation arising from that, for many parents, bedtime is one more than the battles at the end of a long day, just at the moment that they need time for themselves. If bedtime is already a problem, it will be necessary to plan new initiatives to get the child to sleep. This does not mean that parents are very strict with the schedule of going to bed; However, the more capable than parents realize the time bedtime, easier it is get the child to sleep at a fixed time and create habits to go to sleep because children find safety in routine:-be practical: Prepare clothing and school supplies for the next day, read a story, or eat a cookie will help other children understand that it has time to go to bed. .