With the pretension to reach our as objective one in this article? to analyze with the lingusticas marks they materialize the speeches of Ana M. Axe? we made one sucinta analysis concerning these aspects, and we perceive that the writer uses of lingusticos elements (verbal and not-verbal), through which leaves to be transparent its speeches. In if treating to the not verbal elements, we identify that, in elapsing of illustrations of this book, the author uses of the image of personages (people and animals? rabbits) of diverse colors, demonstrating its concern in valuing the differences, independently of the color that each one has. We can have as example one of the illustrations, that is followed of the following stretch: (…) pra had rabbit all taste: well white white (…), threshed black color of white and until one harvests well prehad (…) (AXE, 2005, P. 20).

Ana Maria also made use of illustrations to give emphasis to the figure of the main personage, who exactly being black despertou ‘ ‘ paixo’ ‘ of coelhinho white that (…) she thought: – Ah, when I to marry want to have a son I prehad and pretty that nor it (AXE, 2005, P. 06). When using vocbulo prehad, the author does not discriminate the girl, but sample of conscientious form how much the color of the skin does not diminish the value of the same one. With respect to the use of the verbal lingusticos resources (written text), we pontuamos some comments. The writer always uses words and/or expressions that value and exaltam the image of the black girl, as endowed with beauty, the example of the stretches: A pretty, pretty girl was a time.