Nurses work with people in some of the most vulnerable moments in their lives. For this reason it is essential that there is a clear description of the duties and obligations that are an integral part of being a nurse. Great importance of professional ethics and personal responsibility is essential. The ethics code of the American Association of nurses is a document that defines the expectations and responsibilities of the professional nurse. Compassion and respect the nurse has the ethical obligation to give all patients the same level of compassion and care, regardless of the nature of the disease. The nurse must also treat all patients with the same amount of respect and care without taking into account the economic situation or cultural or ethnic origin.

The commitment and the defense the highest level of commitment to nurse is the patient care. Despite competition from patient demands, family, medical and insurance can arise, the first priority of a nurse who always gets the attention that ensure the patient’s safety and protects the best interests of the patient. In the interest of providing care to the patient as best as possible, is also essential so that a nurse to maintain professional boundaries equally as the ethics of the administrator would be for a businessman. This can be difficult in situations where attention is given for a long period of time. However, the nurse must strive to maintain the highest standards of professionalism. Privacy and confidentiality the patient has the right to privacy while receiving care.

This can be as simple as drawing of the privacy curtain to maintain the dignity of the person. In addition, he has right to be free from intrusion unwanted in his personal life. The patient also has as much legal as an ethical right to the protection of your health information. Within the code of ethics for nurses includes not to discuss the State of health of the patient or care with others. Accountability the nurse works under one individual license. She is responsible for the direct patient care, the delegation’s attention to the patient to other professionals and activities such as teaching, research and administration. There are two legal considerations and ethical professionals inherent in the provision of care in all of these capabilities. A nurse is subject to negligence, if the results insufficient care in the damage to the patient. Responsibility of the community nurse is expected to be aware of the health needs of the community as a whole. This includes being aware of the threats to the health of the community, including the lifestyle of the environment, and barriers to access to health care. This also includes being politically active in ways that promote the health of the person and the community.