My customers have the guarantee of that its products will not be apprehended because we do not import illegal products and has the guarantee of that they will not have collection of taxes because we make responsible in them for the taxes, and will have quality products because ours suppliers are reliable. 2 After panning the suppliers is hour to know the sending forms. Basically two main forms used for the great majority of the Dropshipper exist, that is, the intermediadores of importation; Sending for Airmail and express sending through transporters DHL, USP and WITHOUT. For Airmail the sending more is delayed leads about 25 working days delivering in Brazil more also is the less bureaucratic form simplest and. For transporters the great advantage is on to the delivery time, generally varies of 7 the 10 working days, more has a very great disadvantage, the value of the freight is very expensive about $38 for kilo and this burdens the taxes that are charged encima of the value of the product + the value of the freight, without counting that he is much more bureaucratic because the taxes are collected in the hour of the delivery, that is, you fills forms catches the paid guide and later it binds for the transporter pra to make the delivery. Many times depending on the good will of the transporter and the flow of work of the Federal Prescription the time he finishes being close to the 15 working days, and there I ask to who wait 15 days I cannot wait 20 or 25? Good I prefer airmail.

3 the perhaps most important point and of all is the mode of payment: Here an advice mainly for the beginning ones goes, uses the intermediadoras of payment for any purchase made in the Internet. The most known and safer they are: Paypal, PagSeguro, Digital Payment, Moip and Paid Mercado, give preference for the sites that disponibilizam these modes of payment, them are safe and minimize the migraines that can appear in the future. Some as the PagSeguro and the Digital Payment liberate the payment for the salesman in 14 days, more not if it worries, only observes if already the tracing code was sent it and if already it is possible to track it in the site of the post offices, in general rule exactly after the set free payment you will have 45 days to register a claim and to ask for to its money in return case the merchandise does not arrive. Good with everything this if for taking these cares is yes possible to diminish the risks and the pain of head of the importations. Now also you are possible not to have problem some if to matter through people whom already experience has. If to need can matter with us is alone to enter in contact or to have access our site:, I will have an enormous pleasure in helping it.