Finally, the third reason why having your own domain is because you can use something called a redirection. In Affiliate Marketing and Network Marketing typically replicated web sites are used. They are generally long addresses that are not easy to say by phone or remember. Example: (988345 is your number of ID in the system).(Yourname) if you’re promoting a product in an affiliate program, it is very likely that your link is visible in the following manner: the important thing in these cases is that in any way you’re losing prospects, sales, and hence money. I explain the reasons: 1.

When you give a person a link with additional information such as, only out of curiosity the tendency of the majority of people is go to the main page, which in this case would be. 2. Promote a link like or means NULL results. People won’t remember your affiliate number. In addition, a person who bother to invest money in advertising pay and not upset by redirecting your link has obviously no idea of what is doing. 3. If you are trying to say your link at a conference or in a phone call, you have many chances to say it wrong or that the receiver does not understand correctly. To avoid all these negative effects, in the next post I’ll explain your web page REDIRECTION or URL. Until the next! Carlos Bazzanella l.