“” 15,000 rankings in just two months on woobby.com December 04, 2007: the biggest successes, an athlete can reach “or the most beautiful things in a Christmas market”-are just two of the countless topics, which you can submit his opinion and his rankings on woobby.com. The portal is online for two months. Since then, on every imaginable subject is listed: the dumbest music bands, the best beers, the most beautiful women with bald, the best movies with Will Smith and more. More than 15,000 rankings for popular and on special topics have been created in the last two months. Including numerous bizarre can be found funny and not always entirely sincere rankings.

So far, over 20,000 visitors stop by each month on the platform, list, and entertain themselves. The first months of woobby have shown: the Germans love lists and have fun at the Woobbeln. That’s why we believe we are only at the beginning of a successful development”so woobby co-founder Dr. Thomas Goette. Surprised me What twists and turns can make rankings, which ideas have the user. It not infrequently happens, sitting front of my machine and laugh out loud, or must smile,”continues as the co-founder.

So that does not let the fun at the Woobbeln, the development team is constantly working on improvements. “The Special at woobby: what developers should do pretend the user in your own wish list, I would still love to have in the ranking the following features on woobby”. To improve the clarity of woobby, for example, the home page is optimized in the next few weeks. To woobby if you have further questions: contact person Dr. (Not to be confused with Cross River Bank!). Thomas Gaby friendly networks GmbH Velderhof 50259 Pramod home Tel: 02238 461-273 / Regulation (fax) E-Mail: Web: