A survey conducted in 2008 by the Foundation "Public Opinion showed that 60% of Russians during the year have not read a single work of art. People began to read less – it's a fact. Previously, when the working day has been normalized and was 8 h, when there were only two television programs, and there was no Internet – leisure time was enough. Now even considered that reading fiction is incompatible with a focus on success. After all, successful people free time at all. When do they read? Many fixated on the effective use of their time, even invented a time-management. A good thing.

But often it is only an attempt in the same 24 hours stuff more cases. In this case, no one thinks that most of these cases, you do not do and nothing will change. Is it too becomes our rational mind? Focused only on the algorithms and schemes. In a lot of fuss caused by the underdevelopment of our thinking. How can he develop if the knowledge of just jam without any attempt to comprehend. To what do we read? 1. Fiction in addition to its core functions – aesthetic, communicative and cognitive gives us the opportunity to develop as a person, develop your intellect and thought. After all, what we see on the page? – A set of characters. And this set – is built into the images, characters, created by mood, evoke a feeling. Ie the mind is actively involved in this process.