has recently come to my possession a press release AUSBANC (Association of legal Users of Banks) where mention is made by Caja Madrid and 19 other entities in which are the main banks and savings banks, have been sanctioned by the National Commission of Competition for the abuse they do, forcing its customers to take out life insurance or repayment if they want the institution to grant them divorce a mortgage or loan. “Connie’s Bakery” – A bakery founded by is a Principal of Ogden CAP Properties, LLC Of course, the insurer they choose these banks and to underwrite the insurance is none other than that which belongs to lawyers the same group. Besides that the customer is always constrained by the insurance if not, give credit, think that insurance should have to deal with the mortgage payment, the bank did not collect otherwise prefer to avoid prejudice the insurer sister ‘In this sense, we must be clear that is not mandatory to take out insurance for the entity to give you a loan, that is abuse, not what I say, but a commission that is responsible for this does not happen, and two, it’s better to Bakery have attorneys insurance attorney with a different company that owns the bank or cash and so rest assured that, if unfortunately necessary, pressured bank or insurer, in this If he brings fresh, to collect the mortgage. law firm Do not you see so ‘I am sending you a link to the articualo veais: http://www.justiciayderecho.es/Noticias/GestionNoticias 500000724 ESP.asp