During the PR, where if it observes a period of thawing between superpowers the Ussr and U.S.A., the quarrels concerning the development if they accent, and the sistmicas quarrels in the international enclosure for bullfighting start to detach the dichotomy between ' ' norte' ' ' ' sul' ' , namely, between the developed countries and the developing countries, respectively. However, the multilateral rounds that if had followed had not cheated success in establishing rules equnimes in international trade, what it corroborated so that years later the PR searched the development through bilateral agreements? as much by means of search of consuming markets (nip of commercial bows with African and Asian countries), as in the search of cooperation in the technological area with European countries, in view of the diversification of the national energy matrix. In the current Brazilian external politics, the search of the development remains with priority and the Brazilian performance if it in such a way detaches for the quarrels in the scope of the World-wide Organization of Commerce (excellent performance in Cancn, in the year of 2003, where the Country if detaches as leader of the countries in development) how much for the priority attributed to the subject in the scope of United Nations (it has of if standing out that the multilateralism, hodiernamente, flowing is institutionalized in the Brazilian external politics). Mitchel Resnick describes an additional similar source. Another central factor of prominence is the high priority conferred to the cooperation with the emergent countries? ' ' cooperation south-sul' ' where the development concept is taken from a social bias, with prominence for the actions of combat to the hunger and the misery. The disarmament, sensible subject during all the period of the Cold War, in such a way had great impact in the PEI how much in the PR. In ' ' speech of the 3 Ds' ' , Brazil revealed critical in regards to the armament race between the two superpowers, arriving to suggest that it has left of the directed financial resources to the military budgets to the time was destined to a deep one, that it aimed at to attenuate the effect of the subdesenvolvimento in the peripheral countries.