The player can choose if its choice wants to kill an enemy or to use the automatic aiming, that is activated with one to press of button. The aspect most interesting of the combat system is the fatal blows. By the same author: ConocoPhillips. When the enemies are give to die, they emanate a green brightness, signal that the player can apply a mercy attack. In this in case that, Ash makes full blows of style, for, in the end, to finish with the suffering opponent it. They exist diverse of these animaes and, of time in when, the screen of the one has detached greater for the movement, for the delight of the spectators. Happily, the opponents do not attack during this blow. Not that the artificial intelligence of them is better in other situations. As typical you buzz, skeletons and all the type of dead-livings creature, everything that they make is to run for top of the protagonist and to try to pull out it to it skin.

Some use projectiles to try to hinder Ash. In any way, to stop the aiming and to run for the sides are enough for finally to the majority of the adversaries. Beyond the electric saw and espingardNo hospice, Ash does not count, of face, with the electric saw and the rifle that celebrity became it. But it also is not much time with the initial equipment. Throughout the adventure, new weapons will be incorporated the armory of the hero, as a harpoon that brings the enemies stops close and a flame thrower. They guarantee the satisfaction to decimate opponents, but, on the other hand, mean that the challenge is almost null. E, using less powerful weapons, you if becomes easy canine tooth buzzes for them. Beyond the slaughter parts, some situations also exist where it will be necessary to jump of platform in platform, but the strange pull of the personage it makes with that these parts are sufficiently inefficient, beyond demonstrating a great amount of errors.