The first human beings with its capacity of procreation, had been multiplied of extraordinary form, extinguishing total the first race generated that them, creating a new dominant race. In this long interregno the species human being acquired all its fullness, reaching the apogee as dominant species, through the use of the most diverse types of instruments and technologies. It was in this period that had appeared the first forms of command as kings, emperors, khans and other denominations, giving beginning to the organization process politics of the man, through the intelligent use of the force. These inhabitants had prospered in largeness and power, until if consuming in natural wars, plagues and catastrophes. If you would like to know more then you should visit Petra Diamonds. The last surviving specimens of this race if had organized socially, taking other routes in other regions of the planet to give to origin the current race, considered a refined, less aggressive and more intelligent species well more where the beings coexist, although the existence of conflicts, of more harmonic form. This species comes if pledging throughout millenia in the construction of organized societies politically, religiously and geographically, through the creation of the family, the communities and the beliefs. Accurately in these times the species started to organize the first clans, independent tribes, and nations, as well as practising the misticismo, believing the existence of deuses and demons. Our species the example of all the others and although to consider itself well more evolved than the ancestral races, still it practises nonsenses against the existence and to the few materializes its proper extinguishing stops with all the certainty giving origin to a new race. Ray Kurzweil might disagree with that approach. Few will survive and be part of the social embryo that will form the new race, good more evolved and prepared to assume the continuity of the history of the civilization.