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USB Monitor

The design of integrated USB-hub at three ports, which has the BenQ M2400HD, solves the perennial problem – the need to crawl under the table to insert the stick into the system unit. As well as connecting the camera is easier, without any extra wires that extend from the monitor to the computer. Connectors for filing video, audio connections and built-in USB-hub on the back panels and oriented downward. A pair of usb connectors are mounted on the left side of the case, the same place where headphone output. A third usb located at the top – it is designed specifically for your camcorder. In general, everything is organized very logically and convenient. Detected on the monitor cabinet speakers are not so easy. They are on the bottom and facing downward.

Management functions of the monitor control buttons – mechanical, placed on a monitor on the right and not stand out general style. Only five keys, two of them by default adjust speaker volume, there is also a button will automatically adjust the picture for an analog signal, the button to enter the menu key and enter, which does not only the function of statements, but also lets you quickly switch between video inputs. All the buttons are large in size, pressing is clearly recorded and tactile feel. Control Menu – a color that is pleasant to look at, the font is large enough, easy to read with great distance. The menu is rich in sound settings, images and additional parameters.

PC Repair

Recently, and perhaps long ago, you bought the computer. You have started to master it, to install new programs, games, listening to music, burn CDs with friends and doing other mundane things, the owner of a pc. A computer nowadays is indispensable man, both at work and in everyday life. However, we must be prepared for the fact that even the best computer, as well as a car – a technique in which a completely possible failure and needs qualified. Well if you have a computer at the store warranty, and if he is not under warranty, how to repair a pc? You will have to consult specialists in their field, that can provide services such as repairing computers or computer help. Qualified professionals such organizations will make installing the program to undertake the recovery of deleted data – data that were lost or lost due to damage to the hard drive or other storage media, if necessary, remove the virus, will set up a Wi-Fi network that will produce an assembly of computers or repair of any complexity. So also if you need consultants for immediate computer assistance, conduct classes on the advice of staff in the office to work with the programs. For customer convenience, Computer repair is made directly to your home or in the office, and if necessary at a service center.

Should not be particularly rastraivaytes, even if for some reason, were lost data on hard disk of your pc. When you delete a file through the operating system is a conversion of information about the existence of the file data itself remains, as long as there will be no written something else. To restore data using the residual information about the location of the files on the disk. Based on this assumption is based on the location of the data, according to which the transfer files to other media. Perhaps the recovery of files – this is one of the most painstaking and expensive services. However, sometimes price of the remote information is much higher than pay for its restoration. If you need to order this service as setting up computers – go only to the professionals.

ASUS Xonar

Sound card family Xonar – the first product from asus in the field of computer peripherals. The line includes pci (Xonar D2) and PCI-Express (Xonar D2X) model as well as an external USB-device (Xonar U1). Xonar D2 and Xonar D2X Xonar D2 was introduced in Taiwan in June 2007 and became "the first the brainchild of "family, D2X-the world's first sound card on the bus PCI-Express. Taking a card in hand, catches the eye: – The metal casing that protects the electronics from interference – A large number of cables to connect analog O card with an amplifier and cables with adapters to use the optical output (combined with S / PDIF); – There is a die midi, which is quite rare. However, for its use will have to take the rear compartment PCI; – The included software: lightweight version of a package Ableton 6, Sonar, Project 5 and Cyberlink Power dvd 7. The device supports a wide set of standards for multi-channel audio: analog output is standard 7.1, a complete set of Dolby-features (Dolby Virtual Speaker, Dolby Headphone, Dolby Digital Live and Dolby Pro Logic Iix), and dts Connect, dts Neo: pc and dts Interactive.

Very convenient that every audio illuminated with different colors. You can fully enjoy this useful option, connect the speakers in the darkness under the computer desk. Inside: – unique to the sound card DACs Burr-Brown PCM1796.Ih characteristics are indeed impressive: 24 bit/192 , signal to noise ratio (dynamic range) – 123 dB, distortion thd + N 0,0005% – A / D converter Cirrus Logic CS5381: 120 dB dynamic range and distortion thd + N at the level of 110 dB. – Signal Processing, even though he and labeled as asus AV200, but in fact it is C-Media Oxygen hd CMI8788, which has a huge range of audio processing technologies. Supplied software and drivers have many options for customizing.

In the kit there is even test utility Right Mark Audio Analyzer, obviously talking about the fact that asus does not doubt the quality of their offspring. Fly in the ointment: Observations testers with, metal casing can not physically protect the card from the pickup as cover is not conductive Current paint! Council future owners of cards – or take it off or scrape off the paint in places of contact with ground copper pads on the pcb. Gamers also will not have to expect nothing new: from gaming technology 3D-sound positioning, we can see here only eax 1.0 & 2.0 yes A3D 1.0. Furthermore, the cost is quite high – about $ 200. XonarU1 This decision is based on the same chip from the Oxygen hd CMI8788 C-Media, the maps D2 and D2X. Design devaysa very interesting, immediately an association with the androids from the "Star Wars." Without a doubt, this is a very bright accessory for your laptop. Opportunities it as rich as that of "elder sisters: eax 1.0 & 2.0, DirectSound hw, Dolby Virtual Speaker, Dolby Headphone, Dolby Digital Live iDolby Pro Logic IIx, SPDIF-out, noise reduction system. Signal to noise ratio of signal processors for asus Xonar U1 does not exceed 100 dB. In principle, this is a good option for an external adapter. Testing results also reveal a strong board average. Fly in the ointment: In connection with non-standard housing dimensions of the bag with the laptop stuff it will be problematic.

Microprocessors Overview

Microprocessor – this is a great integrated circuit, a programmable controlled device. A microprocessor designed to handle digital information. Basic properties – cost due to mass production with standard chips, and economy in application; versatility – it provides a flexible application. Principles of operation of microprocessors is determined by its architecture. Microprocessor architecture is similar to the architecture of the central processing of large electronic computers.

Inferior to the functional complexity and computational capabilities. Advantages: Small size, weight, cost, cost. Microprocessor-based pose microelectronic computers, microcontrollers, microprocessor computing. The microprocessor is not functionally complete unit, used in conjunction with large-scale integrated chip memory devices, input / output registers. In general, these large-scale integrated circuits are microprocessor kit, for which the required approval of large integrated ICs for technical specifications. Specifications CPU: 1) Features that are specific to computer technology – a system of commands, the system priryvany, volume adressuemoy memory. 2) Characteristics of large-scale integrated circuits – is the voltage levels of incoming and outgoing signals, noise immunity, the delay time for signal integrity. Depending on the bit of data may vary with microprocessors fixed number of bits and bit depth scalable.