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Often we treat our friend iron, as something never breaks down and the self-a-moving means. And he is strangely requires attention and regular maintenance. One careless (or perhaps just busy), the owner of 2-3 years operation of the vehicle noticed that his car as he stubborn donkey, sometimes stopping for no apparent reason and then by no means does not want to go further. And so it begins repeated regularly, it breaks down first, then second then third. Attempts to master that – then tweak it, adjust usually does not end there.

Finally he decided to show a car technician. Diagnostics wizard begins long walks around the car, examining it from the pit again, walks around the car The owner does not stand up and asked what was the same all the same with his car? At the master rubbing his hands with a cloth replies: "You know, if it was horse, I would advise her to shoot ' Duck let's not bring our iron friend to this state. Yes, and expensive you know We have puzzles to nothing! And while you know expensive! We will try to sort out and understand what is sometimes (Sometimes aggressively) trying to tell us the machine to its inappropriate behavior. A rare failure occurs suddenly, immediately. Symptoms of most of them appear gradually, and can avoid major trouble if learn to listen and feel the car going to ride (hold diagnostics) Please note who admits as a car engine, anyone with a 'half-turn', and other long plagued by engine starter before there is hope at last to move.

Radio Beacon Equipment

Systems based on approximation methods using a sufficiently large number of road signs or check points (CP), the exact location of which are known in the system in the city, a network control areas. The location of the vehicle is determined as the passing of the kp. Personal code is transmitted in the CP-board equipment, which, through a data subsystem transmits this information, as well as a unique identification code to the control subsystem and data processing. Thus, the implemented method of direct approximation. However, in practice most often used method for approximating the inverse – the detection and identification vehicles by using applications installed on them active, passive or semi-active low-power radio beacons that transmit to a receiver kp own individual code, or by using optical equipment reading and recognition of the characteristic features of an object, for example, car number plates. Information from the cp further transmitted to the control subsystem and data processing.

Obviously, for the zonal system positioning accuracy and frequency of updating depends on the density of cp in the territory of the system. Approximation methods require the development of communications infrastructure for the organization of a subsystem data from a large number of cp at the center of command and control, and in the case of optical methods for reading and require complex equipment to the cp, and therefore are very expensive to construct systems that cover large areas. At the same time, inverse approximation methods can minimize the amount of on-board equipment – Radio Beacon, or just do without the equipment installed on the vehicle.

Rental Of Machinery In Moscow

Rental of machinery in Moscow will help you quickly and without efforts to resolve any problems! In most developed countries in the world market rental of construction equipment has long reached a high level! Today, most construction companies forced to use modern construction technology. It needs to have expensive equipment and may include personnel, and it is not cheap! You can certainly buy used equipment, but in the midst of it can break and pose a threat to the entire construction. The most effective technology for construction, is – Rental machinery! Take construction equipment, even in long-term leases are much cheaper than buying their equipment. Rent machinery eliminates a lot of problems! After the end of the lease should not think about maintenance and simple technology, as well as its continued operation. In our time, especially helpful for mobile and versatile construction equipment.

Depending on the type of work that you need to execute the construction of roads or buildings, you need to select the appropriate machinery, to get the job done efficiently. When choosing machinery must be considered: agility equipment and independence of movement, the possibility of using the different types of work, as well as site preparation for its operation. Tipper – a type of road equipment, which simply indispensable for the transport of gravel, sand, cement and other bulk cargoes, as well as for the removal of soil and debris from construction areas. Mobile crane – an indispensable form of construction equipment, used for loading – handling and construction – assembly work.

Mechanical Injector Repairs

Repair of motor vehicles Injector Audi (Audi) 80 and 100 is not in many specialized car-care centers, as all transactions conducted with them – it's hard and tedious work. The device is a mechanical injector rather complicated, so for repairs required by qualified personnel who are well versed in these systems, fuel injection. Mechanical Injector Audi (Audi) 80 and 100 provides a mechanism for supplying the engine. For a more rapid formation of the fuel mixture to the combustion process occurring in the engine. For this purpose the nozzle, which in the electric injectors operate by an electronic pulse, and in mechanical injector due to the pressure, this is the difference of mechanical injectors. To determine the fault injector used computer diagnostics and repair applies specialized equipment that has high performance characteristics. The main reasons for the breakdown is: The chemical composition of fuel Failure of the fuel injectors and fuel pump Wear the air flow meter potentiometer or potentiometer pressure drive

European Championship

Perhaps senior management expect quick results, perhaps feared for reputation – as it were, at the end of 1970 'top' was obtained available to minimize all racing company projects. Therefore, in the years 1971-72. Chief dvigatelist bmw Alex von Falkenhauzen (Alex von Falkenhausen) and his assistant Paul Roche has been engaged in issues related to serial production 'Bavarian motor plant. " However, hardly would expect that these people are totally abandon their case after so many years of hard work: an informal work to improve the 'formula' engines are continuing, in 1971, Dieter Quester takes a series of third place in the 'March-712-BMW' (whose power unit – the result of overtime work and enthusiasm dvigatelistov BMW). With regard to 'body-rings', then in 1970, Burkard Bofenzipenu, the owner of the factory tuning 'Alpina', was asked to bring to mind the already mentioned 6-cylinder 'coupe' and, if informal support 'BMW AG', try your luck on the racetrack European Championship. '' model wins at Spa, and the results of the season occupies the first place. Interest in the 'CS' increases dramatically, however, and in 1971-72 years. role of the 'Bavarian factories' working on 'coupe' only nominal: the company supports the initiative of private instruction – 'Alpina', 'Schnitzer', paying for DM10000 for winning the stage and DM100000 if he wins in a season for bmw. However, constant improvement of the ring 'Ford Capri RS', the work on which has been involved the entire financial, engineering and manufacturing power of the German branch of the 'Ford Motor Co.', Demanded active intervention of representatives of the Bavarian concern: even the combined forces of independent racing teams was not enough for a qualitative leap.