In addition, the quality should be a thread yourself, pay attention to their flatness and thickness. Many manufacturers are additionally covered with stitches jackets inside a thin plastic film that protects joints from moisture and jackets from wear due to friction. 4. An important point – the quality of the used hardware. The material zipper and buttons should be of high quality, solid.

Some manufacturers use cheap plastic or light alloy, which crumble and break. In jackets, otshityh in good company, buttons, zippers, labels are proprietary marks. When choosing a jacket several times and fasten unzip, verify that the lock zipper jacket works well and the opening is not zazhevyvaet surrounding material. 6. Look at the lining of the jacket. In the good manufacturers use beautiful, lined with high-quality silk or rayon, which itself is a jewel of the jacket.

7. Now, about the size. Selected jacket should not sit very tightly, because under it will often have to wear a sweater. The jacket should sit down on the figure, if it formed where the folds and creases, such a thing does not last a long time – the fabric in place quickly bends will rub and coat loose appearance. The sleeves should be slightly below the wrist, and not have to pull in the armhole. Often models of jackets of the same size, but on otshitye different templates, sit in completely different ways, it is also necessary to consider when choosing a size. If you choose a jacket in our online – shop, be sure to check with the manager, that would fit the model exactly to your type of figure. 8. Look closely at the fur trim jacket, it should be made of one piece of fur, and fur should be thick, durable. If furring jacket made of stitched pieces, it is likely that they will come off. 9. And finally, the wrong side – look at the label on the jacket – if all is brand of the same manufacturer? Is there any information on the care of the product, the temperature regime socks, the possibility of washing? Set whether the address and, preferably, a website producer?