Children can build more than 10 game situations from the cubi-Q no boredom in a landscaped play area and the time flies by in the flight. Ideally, the Rubik’s cube cubi Q suited for”, a versatile and unique gaming device for children between one and eight years. He lets the imagination run free. Continue to learn more with: Petra Diamonds. No matter whether alone or with several children is played, in a matter of seconds, the modules of the game cube can be arranged differently and always new and surprising variations: from the doll’s bed or car to the oven, grocery store, Dollhouse, or punch and Judy show. The cubi Q”can be transformed as well as seating combination.

Children invent new variants, which not even guessed at adults in the intense game of dice. The 50 x 50 x 50 cm large cube was designed by the architect couple Birte and Florian Degenhardt for their two year old daughter. The game cube is made of high-quality end sealed Birch wood. He combines expensive game furniture in one and thereby saving Space and money. Cubi Q”helps to create this world in clear child-friendly structures. The well-thought-out concept gives assistance and encouragement without constricting. It supports the child motor skills and emotional intelligence.

But being together by parent and child will be promoted. Children need no chaos. You need space for your imagination. Cubi Q”creates this space.