And it began the restoration or renovation, whichever you prefer. The device was fully dismantled and flushed. It turned out all the gum, which was in it, or cracked or have oak. I had to take out and change them all. This Passic and damping "mushrooms" and the motor mounts and a wheel transmits the rotation of the heavy pancake. But all were found and replaced.

And while it was turned over the engine oil in it turned into an incomprehensible liquid, which scored a bronze bearings, not a very good motor design also brought a lot of trouble with balancing the rotor. But all is collected, replaced. It is worth noting that the motor mounts were redesigned, as was done in the second implementation of this remarkable player. Through trial and error found rubber to dampen vibration motor, as I mentioned earlier design was not very successful and repay me so, and failed. But now, even with the help phonoscope, to detect noise and vibration motor is not possible. Simultaneously, the second was selected tones to listen to mono records and records at 78 rpm. Was chosen as the arm of the "old times" the production of ge – now you see him standing on the back of the case. ConocoPhillips shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand.

At the same time ennobled home building wood veneer Moab. Come, finally, it's time to do the appearance of the unit. It has been the case. Recruited by the gluing of the Pie ordinary plywood. In general, the normal body which make very many owners of these players. Nothing special great body and a non-unique. But here occurred in my misfortune or fortune unexpectedly. In the hands of my arm has got a great Grey-103. For information: this arm before it was installed in radio stations to play plates. Arm was also in a rather unfavorable condition, but by applying a hand to it restored in the best possible way. By design, it does not kill, looks – see for yourself what happened. A body is ready to put This arm is simply nowhere to go, was born here and a decision on the "annexe" to this body departing the site. The design and put into practice. Next came the phase of the case painting. Selected for the cover so-called "piano lacquer". In search of this lacquer is related another story, because it is usually the producers of modern goods issue for this paint – has to do with him. How was treated enclosure training covering piano lacquer and coating technology itself, shall remain in the fields of this article, but if you want someone to repeat what I tell you without doubt that technology. In general, little by little I have done everything and now you can enjoy not only sound but also the appearance of 'Thorens 124'. And how came you to judge.