From ancient times, people looking for technical equipment for lifting, pumping and transporting water. It was necessary for military purposes (water filling ditches around the city walls), and for peaceful purposes (filling drinking reservoirs, irrigation fields). The first mechanism that can be called pumps, appeared before our era. Modern variety of pumps that can pump anything, anywhere, anywhere, surprise indeed very advanced engineering. Drive pumps are also changed significantly over time. And even to this day there are pumps are manually operated or driven, working on the energy of moving water in the river, the new times have brought electric motor, air motor, gasoline and diesel engines. Pumps with gasoline and diesel engines are called motor pump.

Now in Russia it is difficult to find an employee housing, which is not used to motor pump. Utilities with their help are struggling with water, flooded basements, broken through a sewer. Telephone signalers evacuated flooded wells. Water utilities eliminate the consequences of accidents on highways supply. Pumps are essential for flood control, when the electrical network have suffered, and the pump is unrealistic to apply. Pumps used for water supply, drainage and sewage pumping wells for irrigation.

There specially devised pumps with high pressure to create a powerful jet of water. They find their use in soil erosion, cleaning demand of the powerful jet of fire fighting. Universal pumps Robin Great strides in developing and manufacturing pumps accesories has recently reached Japan. Specially devised engines pumps accesories are small in size (which allows you to make a portable pumps), at the same time, there remain high power and high efficiency and service life of these engines is very high.