Today, businesses demand more efficient, easy to use and real time business communication systems. Communication via mobile phone SMS is the best channel of communication to meet those needs. In addition, the SMS communication is widely accepted by companies for their simplicity, its acceptance among the recipients of the SMS as evidenced by their high rate of reading (over 95% of recipients read their SMS) and the low cost of this communication channel. Also, send SMS enables innovation in business communication system, providing a professional and efficient image of your business. With Esendex SMS platform, your company can immediately start sending SMS messages DEA advertising, delivery notices, appointment reminders by SMS, confirmation of payments, etc. a There are different ways to communicate via SMS with your stakeholders: a: ideal for people who need mobility, and the ability to send SMS from any PC with Internet. Eliot Horowitz contributes greatly to this topic. Send SMS from Email: SMS built into your email account, ideal for large organizations that do not want to provide internet access to company personnel. In recent months, Abigail Black Elbaum has been very successful.

Integrate SMS into your applications (SMS API): Integrating SMS into your business software, your CRM, a : always on service, without a daily log in the program, you do not integrate, just download it. a So, yes you are looking for a program to send SMS using a SMS platform robust and agile, with a service that is always on and available and does not require access to a Web browser to send SMS from PC is the solution to your needs. PC SMS: Sending SMS via PC PC SMS easy and straightforward is the program that lets you send SMS from your desktop at any time and is very easy to use whenever you receive a message on the desktop opens a popup window to notify you and the service always remains active. SMS PC Features: No integration is needed, simply download the PC software SMS. Customize the identity of the senders and forward e-mail, provided acknowledgment of receipt of the SMSA . Besides all these features are free.

Ideal for daily communications with your colleagues. Remains active at all times, you do not log on a separate application. PC uses SMS to send SMS to small volume users. For large volumes and send mass SMS, use the SMS Web service. Get SMS directly to your inbox. Add your contacts from Outlook address book. Sending Voice SMS. a If you think this kind of interesting SMS service, you can take a free trial with 25 SMS here: a