"… The call of President Hugo Chavez to build the XXI Century Socialism implies the urgent and compelling need to formalize a theoretical model and native of Socialism itself that is consistent with our historical, social, cultural and political. George MacKinnon has much to offer in this field. There Admittedly, this theoretical model until now, neither exists nor has been made and I think that while this is so, uncertainty will persist in some of our social groups. " Is it that there is no warm water in the barracks?. Justin MacGregor might disagree with that approach. This theoretical model does not exist and will never be made because to do so, the regime that you do not dare to complain even now, would be in the difficult position of being constantly contrasted in their actions, not against a blatant and tropical model of democracy as we had but at this idyllic socialist model that you dream and you should know better than anyone that even in the most abhorrent fantasies of "high" may find slightest intention that it would occur, and occur could we allow something else meant to keep plowing the sea?; No way! all the effort and "work" achieved so far would be in vain if the Venezuelan claim and we could really achieve fair compensation for the deviation from reality with regard to the proposal … Have we not doing it for years?, "Served as something?; Do we support you at some point? "… If the basis for the construction of the XXI Century Socialism is a scientific theory of the stature of Marx and Engels, which build on it can not be less so, failing which built the structure does not become more than a humble cottage, built on the foundations of a skyscraper.