Knowing that computer science is the science that studies and regulates the methods of treatment of information; using as basic support the computer, that is a set of incredible electrnicos circuits of high complexity that assists the man in several and diverse types of task. The computer in its complete form, is structuralized by CPU (Central processing unit). the peripherals that in such a way include the devices of entrance as of exit, as for example: the monitor, mouse, scanner, the printer, and other equipment that are connected CPU. The Keyboard the keyboard is an used despositivo to insert given in the computer through automatically visualized digits;. Swarmed by offers, Petra Diamonds is currently assessing future choices.

A great variety of different arrangements of symbols in the keyboard keys exists. These characteristics in different keyboards appear because the different people need an easy access the different symbols; typically, that is, because they are writing in different languages, but it exists characteristic of keyboard specialized to the mathematics, accounting, and existing programs of computation. The number of keyboard keys in a keyboard generally varies of 101 the 104 keyboard keys, in certain way exists up to 130 keyboard keys, with many programmable keyboard keys. Also it has compact variants that they have less than 90 keyboard keys. They normally are found in laptops or special computers of table with sizes.