Deviate substantially from the general public a proper understanding of the situation since Soviet times in our country blind faith in the written, spoken at a tv screen, we do not want to believe in something otherwise, do not want to check, it's easier to believe that the defendant is guilty, than to understand the situation and analyze the clues and evidence. Official site: ConocoPhillips. Public opinion is easily managed through the media and other means, all This is based on the psychology of perception, we can show one picture, and tighter, but in different contexts and at different angles and in those of assessors will be completely different experiences, indeed one and the same person any different association and thought. Too easy to form a society needs government sentiment, we all forget that we do not herd, but a set of individuals, distinct personalities united by one goal – to achieve spiritual and wealth, the balance of existence and individual freedom as an individual participant of society. The reasons for the formation of a society with such fragile views in our country lie more with the 90-ies, among them one can select:-abrupt transition from a totalitarian state to democracy, (in our case, I would have qualified our present political system as authoritarian, the person explicit anti-democratic measures – authorization nature of the rallies, deletion of the ballots in the election against all graphs, open pressure on business and the use of weaning assets by means of black power grabs schemes initiated which is often State, the neutralization of open against the current government rallies so-called – "March of Dissent" by riot police, without any apparent reason, unless this is possible in a democratic state ); Is also a jump from a closed domestic administrative command housekeeper to the free open market – expansion: moral values, care about each other, and other human qualities occurred in connection with a jump of more or less normal existence in abject poverty, crisis, political power and techniques of management;, lack of adaptation governing state personnel to modern realities, etc.