It found that stranger I begin since it. It found that Qurion hid some thing. Rubens was directed for the ruins and when it crossed a forest of eucaliptos, it was come across with one about barbed wire barring the track. In gate a plate informed: Particular property. Forbidden the Entrance. The gate was locked with chain and cadeado, and the wires were nailed very together, disabling the ticket. Of that side, the fence finished in a hill, the abrupt base of a rochedo. Of the other, it had a river that a natural barrier became.

The top of the hill had one fifteen meters and Rubens thought that there from above it would have an ample vision of the ruins. Determined, it started to scale the hill. It was almost in the half of the way, supporting itself in the rocks, when it slid and it fell. It slid for the declivity between rocks and mud. It was a fall of four meters that it left the cover with muded clothes, excoriations in the legs, arms and chest. Pitching, it was risen looking for recompor.

Xingou itself exactly for the nonsense that makes. It was for coming back to the car, when something in the base of the hill called it the attention. The land displacement had left to the sample, remaining portions of a human body. Rubens was scared begins it, but later it verified that the skeleton was stuck in the sediment hardened for the time. It was an old skeleton very. Livened up, it started to take off the land better to examine those bones, that were perhaps the mortal remains of an old inhabitant of the region, perhaps runida. That finding would provide to formulate given more necessary on the runidas ones, its physical aspect, beyond other things. Suddenly, it found something close to the bone of the basin.