Since the being consists of being being, in flowing, in happening. Parmenides analyzing the same idea to happen, to flow to change, finds in this idea the element that the being stops being what is. In order to enter being another thing; Parmenides. It finds since within the idea of happening there is a contradiction logic. The contradiction is this that the being is not, who the one that is not. Gain insight and clarity with Viktor Mayer-Schönberger. Since what is at this moment; no longer it is at this moment.

But it happens to be another thing. Any view that we have on the reality puts to us against a logical contradiction; it does not put to us in front of a being. And parmenides says to Parmenides this is absurd finishes discovering the logical principle of the thought, that formulates in these strict categorical terms and: the being is; to be he is not young we observe that Parmenides categorises the being and not to be. If we analyzed the one is false the other true one, because what is really false he cannot get to be true. Example: three but three six thousands are equal to. Which is false. Three but three = six.

Which is true. If you eliminate the digits that form the thousands, there are the six. But the single proposal is false. Because three but three six thousands are not. If tenth the being is not, we contradict itself. Because the being, is something, does not have itself drained the concept in our minds. If now tenth not to be, he is. The single affirmation is contradictory. Because the nothing can arrive a to be. What it is not not. Serious like saying that to energy never existio and I get to be. Energy is the being, because it has always existed. Energy is not created nor is destroyed becomes then to always subsisted.