The death of Osama Bin Laden is a expectvel notice has much time, but also unexpected. Many already nor placed the hypothesis to find the leader of the Al-Qaeda. The choice of timing to kill Bin Laden, for the Obama administration seems me logical, therefore Obama enters triumphant in the pre-electoral period, when already it lost some I pack, however will be able to show extempornea, still lacks much time, for the elections and the credits can however be depleted. On the other hand, the war effort that is to be made by the United States, in Iraq and the Afeganisto will have to diminish drastically, in terms of presence of troops in the land, in virtue of its external debt if to be to aggravate daily, thus, the justification for the strategical withdrawal is found. The situation in the Arab world is very tense. In the countries of the North of Africa days of much agitation are lived, in some the dictators had fallen, others are in internal convulsion, against its leaders. In the Average East the Israelo-Palestiniana question continues for deciding e, everything this makes to increase the geopolitical uncertainty in the world.

The barrels of oil that all want, will be able to be changedded into powder barrels. The geoestratgico game in search of the oil, in this zone of the globe, where they are 2/3 of the reserves of oil of the world, could be to come close itself, of a very dangerous phase. The global consumption is to increase due to the strong economic growth of China and India. In such a way, the producers reach the limit of its production and the market is the side of the scarcity, this is the main reason them U.S.A. to strengthen its hegemony politics and military man in the Persian Gulf, was what she finished to happen with the intervention occidental person in the Lybian. This operation of the death of Bin Laden could thus not be so positive, as all advocate the first sight. It agrees not to forget, that the Al-Qaeda is not organized as a traditional organizacional structure, but yes constituted in net, the polar regions that they exist spread for the world, its financial organization was not directamente, under the operational command of Bin Laden, therefore it will be expectvel that has an increase of the short-term terrorist activity. Nominated, in Arab countries where internal convulsions exist, they could be white of attacks and incursions of radical groups, spreading the chaos and the clutter, vergando the populations through the terrorism, what it would afectaria the American and occidental interests greatly.