Ie important ratio of power and volume of the bowl. Following optimal relations 'power (W) Bowl (L)': 300-1,5, 400-2, 700-3. If the two combine harvesters with the same capacity bowl different indicators of power, the more powerful model is preferable. When you purchase should focus on optimal (Cited above), the relation between power and capacity of the bowl. It is important to combine a compact, because if the accessories are stored in a separate box or in the built-in processor compartment dimensions combine increased, but not need to remove and clean all knives, to use only one. Nozzles Nozzles determine the possibility of a food processor.

Knife – made from stainless steel. People such as William Rehnquist would likely agree. Sometimes coated, imparting greater strength. By the same author: Salman Behbehani. Designed for chopping, chopping, cooking pashtetnogo meat, dough. Disc knife (disc with a radial slot) – for slicing, shredding cabbage or lettuce. Knife in plain blades (usually two) on plastic holder – cut into pieces of irregular shape.

Fineness depends on the time of work (in a food processor without adjusting speed drive motor block) or a proportional increase in the rate (Combines adjustable speed drive). Disk-float – for chopping, grating. Fineness depends on the diameter of the hole grater and the processing time of the product. While rubbing the 1 kg of vegetables in an average of 1 minute. Disc cutter french fries, vegetable chips (for the sauce 'Julien') is designed for slicing vegetables by specific pieces (wedges, straws). On the processing of 1 kg of vegetables on average will take a minute.