Creative embroidery – this is an ancient art that is popular and to this day. A recent clothing and various household items decorated with more highly artistic embroidery. Naturally, with development progress to replace manual work come new opportunities for creative machine embroidery. Why embroidery machine can be called creative? On the creation of machine or computer embroidery craftsmen and artists invested no less than in schemes for handicrafts. After all, modern embroidery machines reproduce complex patterns with no less skill, virtually eliminating the possibility of marriage. Fashionable and popular word "Creative" derived from the English creative, which means "creativity". Modern creative embroidery, created by an automated embroidery equipment is assumed to be labor-intensive and creative work of create a drawing, its transformation scheme, and direct embroidery.

Thus, creative embroidery can be not only manual, but automated, and with high quality equipment made possible playback on the fabric pattern and color transitions of any complexity. Certainly not any embroidery machine can be called a work of art. Of course, not every machine embroidery is a work of art. Indeed, many works on Indeed, multiply by automated machines for the same pattern. A simple example of this – machine embroidery logo.

However, any creative embroidery begins with the conception of the figure, creating a sketch, and then the circuit which will be transferred onto the fabric. As always, customers do not have a full understanding that the designer has to do, because they only develop a general idea about the desired result. Of course, it happens, and such that the artist is developing a sketch completely independently. Without a doubt, and he and the other type of work – creative embroidery.