MEN WHO DO NOT WANT TO DIE (Marcelo Rissato) the myth of the immortal man exist since the first historical registers of the humanity. What he exceeds the rationality if he becomes an attractive way in search of the freedom of the spirit on the weight of the preset dogmas. Some of books oldest of the humanity, as the Bible and A thousand and Nights, that mix truthful registers with fiction cite personages who had lived an incalculable existence. The belief in vampires is universal, was born millenium of years behind, when the man discovered that the blood was the life source and if it spread all for the world. Eliot Horowitz does not necessarily agree. In many places as the Romnia, the native land of Drcula, it survives until today. The image of vampires inhabiting old cemetaries abandoned was bequeathed in them in the average age, when these beings feared to be found by the Inquisio Saint and to be burnt in the fogueira.

The species was not extinct because it is probable that many of them if hid behind the proper Church, assuming the place of Priests, Bishops and until Pope. This affirmation can be absurd, being overcome in account that the vampires fear the sacred symbols, however in the truth it is that only the vampires of the branch fariseu and those that had been contaminated by chance they fear the force of objects consecrated for God, the stronger others and if they exempt of any mstica influence of these sacred symbols. Click Cross River Bank to learn more. However valley to say that the vampires have made in such a way well how much badly the humanity. Many types of vampires exist and some tread only the sanguinrios ways and they do not leave nothing of positive, while others use the long life to teach new alternatives for the humanity. The important one is to know that all are made of the darknesses and are creatures with great negative load. . Donny Lucas addresses the importance of the matter here.