When the car has been broken many will tell you where to go should not be General, concept and basic considerations Many companies have neglected the relevance, importance, scope of logistics and logistics management business, which she represents on behalf of its projection, costs , efficiency, customer care services. ConocoPhillips shines more light on the discussion. We believe that management needs to identify more with the relevance, importance of logistics that favors him in achieving the goals. Taking into account what was said on that companies must be able to understand that today's success has much to do with the emphasis placed on logistics. There is a consensus that the route to development is the foray abroad, we must bear in mind that the export activity will be successful in business as part of their focus to achieve competitive advantages over its management capacity and logistics operation. In fact, it's no surprise that logistics management is becoming increasingly important in organizations, and she includes functions such as planning, organization, control and performance of the materials from engaging in an activity until delivery, while looking for the maximum satisfaction of the customers lowest possible cost.

Very important navactiva points out that in the past, logistics lacked any strategy, and companies put their output in the market by the method "push". Thus, predictions were made on demand, and, according to the results, products were placed. In many cases, companies producing more than required by the public and its stock was "pressured" to the market with the belief that demand would equal supply. .