The idea of writing this article came to me under the impression that those born in the upbringing of our first child. Well, in fact, as a variety of interesting surprises, fairness, sometimes unexpected and directly say, is not always pleasant can expect even the most seemingly sophisticated parents in such difficult times? I believe, every happy father at the time repeatedly faced with situations where the natural coolness Suddenly somewhere treacherously departs, and now she is suddenly on the scene confusion about which, apparently, before we never knew existed. As an example, the most that neither is an elementary situation: Everything seems to be good, and little pipsqueak grows himself, mostly a sweet sleep, do not forget from time to time to please the parents fun colorful surprises. We still do not even know how agukat, and the hands that we take, frankly, scary. and here's on. One day Begins: sleepless nights, tearful young mother and a small, almost round the clock screaming creature.

And just what does not occur in such moments – I can responsibly tell you that just for one day, as it should, digging in the vast network has learned many medical terms that will suffice for a single complete reference. And how could it be otherwise? If you visit your home pediatrician is not very confidently stated that perhaps your stomach ache, and maybe not the stomach, and all this wild op caused solely by problems, which in a normal society for some reason, prefer to talk in whispers, and necessarily at the same time, looking back. Young parents, quite naturally a wind the 'in thing on like nowhere else.